Megururi Art Shizuoka 2019

Period:2019 October 22ーNovember 10

Location: Seiichiro Osa is exhibited at [Shizuoka City Museum of Art]

Participating artist: Seiichiro Osa

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Period:2019 October 14ーOctober 27


Participating artist:Yukari Motoyama

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ART DAYS Toyota 2019

Period:2019 October 1ーOctober 14

Location:Rena Mikame is exhibited at [Former Inoue Family Residence Western-style Building (Toyota Civic Arts Center)]

Participating artist:Reina Mikame

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Image Narratives: Literature in Japanese Contemporary Art

Period: August 28‐November 11, 2019  
Location:  The National Art Center, Tokyo

Participating artist: Erika Kobayashi

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Throughout Time: The Sense of Beauty

Period: August 31 - September 3, 2019

Location: Nijo-jo Castle

Participating artist: Kisho Mwkaiyama

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Sensory Canvas

Period: May 25 - August 4, 2019

Location: Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum

Participating artist: Norimichi Hirakawa

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Artificial Intelligence and Intercultural Dialogue

Period: June 6‐July 7, 2019  
Location:  The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg (Russian Federation)

Participating artist: Norimichi Hirakawa

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Period: June 15 - 30, 2019


Participating artist: Seiichiro Osa

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Practice_01: Drawing lines

Period: June 6‐30, 2019

Location: EUKARYOTE 1F 2F

Participating Artist: Reina Mikame

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フィジーク トス

Period: March 6‐31, 2019 12:00-19:00  
Location:  akibatamabi21

Participating artist: Yukari Motoyama

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