Nerhol x Takuya Nakao talk event

Nerhol x Takuya Nakao talk event

Date:2017 November 11 16:30-18:00

Location: Yutaka Kikutake Gallery

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project N 69 MIKAME Reina

Period: Sat. 14 October - Sun. 24 December, 2017
Location: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 4F corridor
Participating artist: Reina Mikame

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Nerhol "Interview, Portrait, House and Room"

Period: September 2 - 24, 2017
Location: Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art (Korea)
Participating artist: Nerhol

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YKG Summer Holidays

The gallery will be closing for summer holidays.

From 11 to 22  August, 2017


Period: March 31 - June 4, 2017
Location: WRO Art Center (Porland)
Participating artist: Hirakawa Norimichi

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VOCA 2017

Period: March 11 - 30, 2017
Location: The Ueno Mori Museum
Participating artist: Nerhol

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Period: April 1st - July 30, 2017
Location: ArtScience Museum (Singapore) 
Participating artist: Kisho Mwkaiyama

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Leina Mikame "Projection" extension notice

Reina Mikame's solo exhibition "Projection" has been well received and will be extended until Saturday, 17th.

Please come visit us.

Talk session "View of the Universe in Art" Report

Location:Auditorium, Mori Art Museum

Participating artist:Kisho Mwkaiyama

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Nerhol at Shizuoka City Museum of Art

Period: October 25 - November 13, 2016
Location: Shizuoka City Museum of Art
Participating artist: Nerhol

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